M 30.30

There is a choice of different models. They all have brushless motors with electronic feed-back speed control. This means changes in viscosity of the media
or voltage fluctuation do not influence the set speed. A soft-start feature prevents stir-bar de-coupling.
ECM 2 and ECM 5: Compact, energy and space-saving magnetic stirrers. Early on Ingenieurbüro CAT recognised the need for space-saving stirrers in today’s
crowded laboratory environment. Also, people are becoming conscious that space-saving is important.
M 5 and M 15: Standard magnetic stirrer for general use.
M 20.20 and M 30.30: Magnetic stirrer especially designed for large volumes up to 100l.

M 30.30: 24 VDC                                       Part no.: 60254-0010 Price: 736,12 €*

* All shown prices are excluding german vat, possibly add. shipping

Name Value
Speed range [1/min] 100- 1100
Temperature range [°C]
Heating power [W]
Heater plate form
Heater plate type
Suitable for round-bottom flasks
Suitable for oil or sand bath
Heater plate dimentions [mm] 300 x 310
Digital display type
RPM display
Temperature display
Timer display
Timer function
Ramp function
Stirring quantity, max. (H2O) [l] 50
Temperature control accuracy [°C] (internal control)
Temperature control accuracy [°C] (external probe)
External probe connectors
Programmable safety temperature
Power supply [V] 230VAC 50Hz 115VAC 60Hz
Weight [kg] 5.4
Width [mm] 210
Height [mm] 170
Depth [mm] 315
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP32
Motor type DC
Motor rotation CCW
Operation mode Long-term duty
Certification CE
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