DP 200 / 300

Valveless, high precision micro dosing pump with digital flow-rate control. It is covered by an acid-proof housing with a keypad which allows to set all dosing parameters easily (e.g. volume, flowrate or flow direction).

ISO9001 and the GLP guidelines require regular checking and recalibration of measuring instruments. In order to simplify this, the DP200 has an integrated calibration function.

  • No glass piston, no valves, minimal dead volume
  • Minimal dispensing volume: 20 μl
  • All wetted parts are made of ceramic (99,7% Al2O3) and PVDF
  • Integrated calibration function
  • PC interface

DP 200 with pumphead 300VCS         Part no.: 61769-0000         Price: 1.127,17 €*
DP 200 with pumphead 300TCS         Part no.: 61768-0000         Price: 1.067,88 €*
* All shown prices are excluding german vat, possibly add. shipping

Name Value
Min. dispensing volume [µl] 20.0
Max. dispensing volume [ml] 1000
Continuous dispensing Yes
Time programmed dispensing -
Flowrate range [ ml/min] 0.4 - 60.0
Dosing accuracy [%] < ±1.0
Coefficient of Variation, CV [%] < ±0.5
User Calibration Yes
Interface RS485
Analogue interface -
TTL input -
Integrated rinsing pump -
Pump head ceramic type 300
Pump head type available TCS VCS
Pump head material Al2O3
Pump head sheathing material PVDF
Power supply [V] 24 VDC
Weight [kg] 1.5
Width [mm] 72
Height [mm] 163
Depth [mm] 111
Protection class according to DIN EN 60529 IP43
Certification CE
Instruction Manual DP 200.pdf
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Service Instructions DP 200.pdf
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